: Web Design

When traveling around the world, you experience the fascinating range of different cultures’ customs and traditions. A realization you come to is that the ways you know to be correct is not actually the only correct way. Your mind opens to new experiences and you learn not to be prejudiced towards these ideas that are new to you.

In this project I wanted find a way to connect to cultures that eat with their hands. I came from the opinion that eating with one’s hands is a great pleasure. The vast majority of the world does so, but in our “advanced” knife-and-form culture we view it as uncivilized.

I researched these ideas by eating fish. I ate more fish than I ever ate in my entire life. I found that the pinnacle of pleasure in the activity of eating with your hands is the exact moment when your hand, with food, contacts your mouth. The feel of your own (washed!) hand with the food is incomparable to the feel of cold sharp metal which is then removed from your mouth.

I experimented with all kinds of designs for tools that allowed for a more elegant way to experience eating with your hands, and that augmented that experience.