Orchestra der Electrogeraten

The Orchestra is a collection of home appliances carefully chosen to become one harmonic unit. The electronic appliance orchestra is comprised of a collection of home appliances that were carefully chosen to become one unified playing orchestra. A depth sensor recognized different kinds of movement by the interlocutor, translating them into electronic commands. Appliances and technology permeate every facet of our lives. We can operate everything and everything can operate us without our consent or awareness. In our advanced world, everything can manipulate everything.

Behind the Idea

This work examines the way we interact with our surroundings today. The motion and depth sensors allow interaction from our movement, presence, and impulses. It begs more organic and human ways to interact with technology, and separates the input from the output. Instead of brain to finger, the mundane way we usually use these things, we can use our bodies and “play” with the orchestra.

How it works?

All the orchestra’s appliances are attached to a system of relays, operated by an Arduino. By using a Kinect vector camera each preprogrammed movement of the operator ignites an “instrument” from the Orchestra. Anybody thats steps up to the podium can be a conductor of the Appliance Orchestra.


The story of the Orchestra

I first presented the Orchestra as part of my research during design school, and then in an exhibition there. The project was selected for exhibition at Jerusalem Design Week 2016, and then at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a collective of other Israeli artists.